Alumni – Lauren Conte, class of 2007

Lauren Conte, class of 2006.

Then: Belmont High Vice School Captain.

Now: Marketing Advisor at Worksafe and new mum.


Baby talk

Lauren visited yr10 Health and Human Development class to talk everything about babies. In yr 10 HHD students can take a baby (doll) for one day as a practical learning experience about child development and the responsibilities of parenting.

Having Lauren and six-month-old Romeo visit was a joyful way to bring the curriculum to life. Students were interested in the day of a life of a new mother, how being a new parent effects your job, and how do you decide on a name for your baby. Lauren happily answered all questions while Romeo smiled on cue, had cuddles, or played on the floor.

Romeo was almost the same size as the baby doll and when the classroom teacher showed him the doll, he instantly reacted by reaching out to touch and feel it with an enormous smile on his face.

Some of the students couldn’t resist Romeo and sat on the floor helping him play with his toys. Watching Romeo play with the doll and on the floor provided opportunities for discussion about baby communication, physical development (sitting, crawling), eye tracking and recognizing faces.

Lauren has many fond memories of the teachers and her school years at Belmont High. She saw many staff who remember her, and they were gushing over the grown-up Lauren and baby Romeo (heart stealer).

Many thanks to Lauren and Romeo.