Alumni – Annie Lee 2019


Annie Lee – finished at Belmont High in 2019.

Then: a sporty kid at Belmont High who moved to SEDA College to complete yr 11+12, with a pathway to professional footy.

Now: Professional athlete – AFLW footballer at Carlton Football Club, key defender role.

Annie Lee from grassroots footy to AFLW

Annie grew up supporting Carlton football club, played every sport under the sun and was thrilled when she could finally specialize in footy as a teenager and was ultimately drafted in 2021. Annie was interviewed and scouted out by every Victorian club (except Collingwood) and felt surprised and happy to have been selected as no. 10 draft pick going to Icon Park, home of the Blues. She’s playing a key defender role, has one of the best kicks in the AFLW off either foot (impressive!). She loves her teammates, the club, and her life!

Russell Kline was thrilled to host her for 11PE class. Russell has known Annie since she was born and he was impressed by the way she spoke to our students; her poise, insights in professional sport and positivity.

Annie’s insights for our current students include:

  • Develop your decision-making skills – figure out what’s best for you and then make it work. She used the example of being clear minded about changing schools at 16yo and not wanting to leave her friends but knowing she was committed to achieving her goal of playing footy professionally.
  • Recovery is important – “Learn to listen to your body and rest when you need it.”
  • Pre game routine which starts four days prior to game day – put your mobile phone away every night (by a certain time) then relax with tv or a book, prioritize sleep and reduce distraction. This increases relaxation.

Annie’s debut game was in round 1 of her first year – it was a nervous and memorable moment where the energy was high. Since then, she’s learning and improving every day, every session, every game. We wish her every success in her life journey and know that she has calm approach to her endeavors and will most of all her opportunities. Let’s support Annie by getting behind the AFLW.