Alumni – Mitch Falzon, class of 2013


Mitchell Falzon, class of 2013 Ebony House

It’s so great to meet up with a person who’s happy to give and not ask “what’s in it for me?” Mitch Falzon is that person. He returned to Belmont High to speak at our final whole school assembly for 2022 and he was a relatable role model to staff and students alike. He’s full of energy, positivity and has a tremendous ability to be reflective and embrace change.

Rowan O’Callaghan interviewed Mitch about his life since leaving school in 2013, a journey that’s included study at VFA to become a personal trainer, a realestate agent & auctioneer, and now a hospitality worker while start an exciting challenge of fulltime university study to become a psychologist.

Mitch was full of wisdom including:

  • Life at school is full to the brim with fun and time with mates (& working life isn’t like that!)
  • take small steps forward and have a go, then reassess if things aren’t working for you
  • it’s aok to fail because that’s your First Attempt In Learning
  • sometimes those feelings are excitement (not anxiety)

Many staff were smiling and nodding their heads while Mitch was talking – obviously they’re very proud of him and how much he’s grown over the past decade. Mitch and Evette Fuller (Feed Tech & English teacher) were class mates in 2013 and this was the first time they’d seen each other.

We thank Mitch for volunteering his time and speaking with us, being honest and mostly for his wise words of encouragement to keep moving forward.

Best wishes,

Zoe McCubbery