BHS Lesson Framework

The BHS Lesson Framework has been developed by the Leaders of Learning in consultation with staff and students. The reason we have invested so much time and effort into this endeavour is that research indicates the importance of creating consistency across the school for improved student outcomes (Hattie 2015). Consistency isn’t about robotic teaching, but about working collaboratively to ensure all teachers and students can have the best teaching and learning experience possible. Creating a framework for the way a lesson or lessons will flow anchors this philosophy.

We worked together as a whole staff to investigate current research and to review the way a number of other schools have implemented a Lesson Framework. We worked with staff and student feedback to develop a Lesson Framework that reflects BHS and our values. The BHS values of high expectations, inclusion and contribution are evident throughout the Lesson Framework and this enables both teacher and student to strive for personal excellence.

The Lesson Framework can expand across a number of lessons and the sections do not have to be delivered sequentially. The Lesson Framework works as a guide that informs staff and students of well researched teaching and learning structures that help students get the most out of learning.

The BHS Lesson Framework sections include, Ready (in accordance with our Ready to Learn strategy), Engage, Explicit, Collaborate, Purposeful Practice and Reflect. Each of these sections provide an occasion to implement High Impact Teaching Strategies (HITS) in lessons. Staff meet weekly and work together to share examples of HITS and how they fit into the Lesson Framework. Integral to the Lesson Framework is the continued Feedback sought and provided from both students and teachers. Research indicates feedback has a powerful impact on student learning and therefore it is deliberately presented as a continual loop throughout a lesson, or sequence of lessons.

Finally, through consultation with staff and students we developed an agreed approach to what a teacher and student should aim to be doing during each section of the Lesson Framework. Essentially, what each section looks like in the classroom for both teachers and students. This will support everyone’s understanding of the Lesson Framework and promotes consistency.