Alumni – Shirley Wild Rats of Tobruk

Whole school assembly

Today we paid our respects to our Anzac’s, with particular reference to the Rats of Tobruk.

Shirely Wild, class of 1968 Gold House, completed form 3-6 at Belmont High School and has many fond memories of her school days.

When Shirley finished her high schooling, she went to Geelong Teachers College and then went directly into service as a primary school teacher. She had 37yr service throughout Victoria, and retired as a teacher at Bannockburn PS. No doubt she was loved by many people in multiple school communities.

Shirley spoke at a whole school assembly and told stories of her dad as he was one of the original Rats of Tobruk. As a school community at Belmont High, we cherish these stories of war times because they have themes of friendship, loyalty, endurance and working towards team goals through challenging circumstances. Our current students learn from these oral history moments and seeing the people behind that have lived through these times.

Thank you, Shirley and her husband, Geoff.